Brillig (noun)
    derived from verb bryl, meaning to broil
    "four o'clock in the afternoon, the time when you begin broiling things for dinner"

        In his poem Jabberwocky, Lewis Carroll defines 'brillig' as the close of the afternoon, around the time of the first preparations for the start of the evening.

        The web series Brillig is based on Alice's adult life, long after her time in Wonderland. It is the time following one chapter's ending while waiting for another to begin. It is the moments between the endings and the beginnings that one can find that whole other worlds exist. Those moments can be filled with fear and anxiety as to what comes next and what could happen, or they can be filled with wonder and discovery. An adventure surely awaits, no matter what. Everyone must face their own Brillig, their own close of an afternoon and start of the unknown evening.

        I hope this web series brings a few moments of entertainment and enjoyment to the viewer, a brief cup of tea in the busyness of our hectic schedules. It's always four o'clock somewhere.


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